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The gauge (spacing between rails) on a railroad in the U.S. is four feet, eight and a half inches. This is a very peculiar measurement. Surely four feet or five feet would have made more sense. So how did this come about? The railroad/railway was invented in Britain, so British expats were called upon to build most American railroads, and they built it the way they were used to.

Now we Brits are peculiar, but not so eccentric that we would be that arbitrary on the distance between rails. The story continues that the rails followed the gauge of street…

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Type side hustle into Google and you’ll get list after list of the top 10, best 100, most lucrative 50 ways to make money in your spare time. We are obsessed with side hustles these days. “Everyone has a side hustle.” Or five. Or ten. A study out of Adobe showed that 1 out of 3 Americans has at least one side hustle. This is higher for millennials.

There are many reasons for this. As work hours get longer, wages flatline, and technology keeps us connected to work 24/7, workers are burning out. They want to control their own schedule…

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Here is a legitimate, no gimmick way to fly first-class on any airline for free (plus stay in posh hotels too). Entrepreneurs around the world use this method every day to make their travel plans more luxurious. Many people opt for cash back from their credit cards, but I propose that treating yourself to first-class travel is the best way to go.

Technically, anyone who owns a credit card can utilize this technique, but unless you own or operate a business, it’s going to be a lot of work, and you won’t get many free flights.

So if you run…

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“Write drunk, edit sober” — attributed to Hemingway, but he never said this

While there are exceptions to every writing “rule”, and each to his own, generally it is good advice not to edit as you go. This applies to all forms of writing, but more so for the longer form of fiction.

A common newbie mistake is to write a bit, edit it into shape, and then write some more. On the surface, it makes sense, and inexperienced writers have a terrible fear of their work not being perfect. It is normal to make mistakes or deviate from your…

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Electric charging stations suffer from the problems of consuming real estate, no standard of plug-in connector and issues with fast charging. But there’s a better solution…

Tesla, as the big kid on the block of electric vehicles (EVs) is expected to sell half to one million vehicles in 2021. Three million a year by 2025. VW are projecting at last half a million. Then there is the Leaf, e-Tron, Mach-E, iPace, Ioniq, i3, Rivian, F-150, etc. Experts predict EV sales will surpass those of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2030. I’ll bet it’s more like 2020.

Other than at…

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As a videographer or YouTuber you should already know the importance of lighting, but simply buying a lighting kit and illuminating your shoot is not the end of it. You need to teach your camera how to interpret your light settings.

White Balance is the camera’s sensitivity to color. Human eyes instinctively adapt to changing lighting conditions and color, and we rarely think about it. To us, most light bulbs look normal white, while a few seem yellow (notably older style streetlamps). Cameras, even expensive ones, see color differently and lack our knowledge of what is white, what is red…

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How many times in your life have you procrastinated? Delayed taking action on a business or passion project? If you’re honest with yourself, more often than you’d like to admit, right? Don’t beat yourself up. It’s very normal human behavior. But why, and what can we do to fix it?

The most common reason for not taking action is fear of failure. Americans in particular are brought up in a competitive environment where success is everything, and you get scorned for being a loser, a failure. It seems that everyone you meet is hustling five jobs or projects, aiming for…

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The dreaded Writer’s Block. It possesses many forms: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what critics will say, or your family, uncertainty about what comes next…

But wait. This post isn’t a treatise on writer’s block per se. Many folks have written brilliant advice on this topic. No, I’m going to explain the technique I learned from Romance authors — the most prolific writers on the planet — that I used to save my latest novel.

“A third of the way into the book, whammo! I got stuck. Bad.”

You’d think after seven published books I’d be immune…

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Writing is traditionally a lonely pursuit, but constructive feedback will make you a considerably stronger writer/author. Sure, that’s what an editor is for (you do use an editor, right?) but ideally you need feedback sooner than that, especially for longer articles or novels.

Most authors employ one or more beta readers, as I do. I put each book in front of a handful of readers, and because I like to craft stories that are approachable to readers outside my genre, at least a couple of my betas fall into that category. I listen to the feedback carefully, and prompt them…

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I assume if you are reading this article you are familiar with chapter markers on YouTube. You have probably tried to implement them and they’re not working properly? I had this issue on my channel, which prompted some research.

Here’s the common problem: Your chapter timecodes show up in your description and may even be clickable, allowing the viewer to skip to select points in your video. But… the chapters don’t appear in the scrubber bar. (The red timeline bar in the video itself.)

Here are some things to try. Bear in mind many YouTubers have broken one or more…

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